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01 Stability and reliability

For 5 years in the cryptocurrency market, we've successfully passed all of its sharp turns, rapid takeoffs, and deepest crises — and we always remain by your side, providing our services with care and quality.

02 Smart

The main idea of our approach to pricing is to be different, to make our fees fair and affordable, to be transparent and flexible without unreasonable overpricing, and to help our clients choose precisely what they need. Moreover, our fees remain unchanged for more than 3 years. This policy always pleases our clients.

03 Liquidity

For over 5 years of fruitful work, more than 110 projects listed on our platform. This helped us form our own community of traders. We successfully provide demand and supply to all users of our platform and project communities. At the moment, we are consistently ranked among Top 35 exchanges on CoinMarketCap by liquidity.

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Listing with unlimited pairs

Most exchanges offer a limited number of trading pairs and charge extra fees for additional ones. These restrictions do not exist on our exchange — we believe they totally contradict the logic of project development and bear unnecessarily increased costs.

Permanent non-fee accounts

As you know, non-fee accounts are the best tool for a project that wants to look compelling to investors and ensure market demand. We do not sell fee-free accounts and do not charge for the amount of trade volumes generated by these accounts. We believe that this tool, with all the benefits it brings, belongs permanently to the project.

Super offer for easily integrated currencies

Everything that's easily integrated must be affordable. Many startups begin with tokens based on ERC-20, EOS, TRX, and only later move to their own blockchains. We support this idea, because it's cost-effective and helps to focus on implementation and development of the project. That's why we always have a special budget-friendly offer for projects with easily integrated currencies.

Post-listing growth

Right after listing comes the moment when the coin needs support to help it grow. This is where our market making comes into play: liquidity goes up, the price and spread are stabilized, and the coin generates additional trade volume early on. Additionally, the community can be enticed to participate more actively through trading competitions and rewarding airdrops.


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